Pancreas Transplantation

A pancreas transplant is surgery to place a healthy pancreas from a donor into a person with a diseased pancreas.

Pancreas Transplantation

Type I diabetes patients suffering chronic renal failure are candidates for treatment through a pancreas transplant. This is a frequently asked question. No, type II diabetes patients cannot get pancreas transplants. Only type I diabetes patients suffering chronic renal failure can be treated with kidney and/or pancreas transplants. They can get simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplants, or they can get a kidney transplant first and then a pancreas transplant. Pancreas transplants can only be made from cadaveric donors. It is not possible to get a pancreas transplant from a live donor. There are technical difficulties in pancreas transplants stemming from the nature of the pancreas. Pancreas transplants are not very common and can only be performed by experienced transplant centers. Yet, for Type I Diabetes patients who have to get insulin shots since their childhood, eating as they wish without the need to get insulin shots is the long-missed freedom. Type I Diabetes patients must be subjected to a detailed evaluation with respect to cardiovascular diseases and all effects of diabetes must be investigated during the preparations for surgery. There are only a few pancreas transplant centers in Turkey.

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