Kidney Transplatation

Kidney transplantation or renal transplantation is the organ transplant of a kidney into a patient with end-stage kidney disease.

Kidney Transplatation

Patients suffering chronic kidney failure lose their kidney functions irreversibly. Medical authorities worldwide unanimously recommend kidney transplantation as the best treatment for this disease. Kidney transplantation will help the patient retrieve the life he/she is accustomed to, extend their life expectancy and more importantly improve their quality of life. Kidney transplantation may be made by using cadaveric kidneys or kidneys given by live donors. In our country kidney transplants are mostly made by using kidneys given by live donors. We hope that increasing organ donation rates will change this and allow us to treat patients with no live donors. It is essential to perform laparoscopic (closed) surgery on the donor in transplants using kidneys given by live donors. Since the donor is a healthy individual, he/she can recover much sooner following the operation in laparoscopic surgery. Today, the laparoscopic method is the golden standard for operating kidney donors. The patient receiving the kidney is closely monitored following the transplant and discharged as soon as his/her health improves significantly as a result of immediate kidney function. The recipients are regularly monitored in outpatient clinics after they are discharged following the surgery. Monitoring intervals get less frequent gradually. As stated previously, a successful organ transplant is required to be handled as an integral procedure including the pre-operation stage, operation stage and post-operation monitoring stage.

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